Posies Floral is an intimate floral studio that specializes in weddings, event design and editorial work. Our unique designs reflect loose, organic, and  untamed floral arranging.

She is passionate about getting to know her clients, and loves them as much – if not more than – the flowers she gets to work with daily. She believes in letting beautiful flowers speak for themselves, and arranges them to showcase their breathtaking natural designs.


Flowers exist in some of my life’s earliest memories. As a small girl, I remember the fresh smell of the large untamed mint plants that grew under the front window of our rental house. As our family grew, my parents bought a home of their own, and my mom was thrilled to finally work her magic in her own soil. She planted and cultivated our yards diligently, growing the most beautiful blooms all year round. She planted with the seasons, so our yard always seemed to me like a Garden of Eden amidst the desert landscaping common in our neighborhood.

As a teen I worked at a local wedding venue. I smelled and touched every bloom in every centerpiece, and was always delighted when brides left their flowers behind. I would gather them up and bring them home, relishing their sweet fragrance and beauty for days. Eventually, I got married and my love of flowers grew with each milestone: the first sight of my finished bridal bouquet, the first time my husband brought home flowers,  the bouquets I’ve laid on loved ones’ graves. Flowers fill me up – they make me happy even when their occasions are sad. Eventually, I started designing arrangements for small family weddings so that I could “play” with the beautiful blooms I’d always loved. Many years and three children later, I finally decided my passion for flowers was too strong to ignore – I built my own small floral studio and have never looked back. Working with children is not always easy, sometimes my life gets really crazy, but in the end it all seems worth it.

I love that they get to watch their mom work hard for something she loves. My passions in life have always been flowers and family, and joining the two has been a dream come true for me.